Mar Mac Miss 32B - Cody Carson

Congratulations to Cody Carson on Mar Mac Miss 32B and
her calf were Supreme Champion Female and
Supreme Champion Bull at Strathclair in 2016.


Mar Mac Gypsy Soul 126C - North Hill Simmentals

Congratulations to North Hill Simmentals of Bruderheim,
Albertaon Mar Mac Gypsy Soul 126C placing third in
a strong yearling heifer class at the National YCS
show in Lloydminister in July 2016.



Red Mar Mac Debut 70D - Shiloh Farms

Red Mar Mac Debut 70D sold in the 2017 Bull Sale to Shiloh Farms, Alberta. He was shown successfully in 2017 and the progeny is now arriving at Shiloh Farms.



Red Mar MAc Neptune 118B
Neptune X Ruby 24Y
sold to Guild FArms



Red Mar MAc Cinch 34C
Beiber Hard Drive x 92X
to Magnusville Farm

Red Mar MAc Prowler 50C
Prowler x 64Z
sold to Wraz Red Angus and Waltercroft Farm


Red Mar MAc Cowboy 95C
Spartan x 84Z
to Blairs.Ag

Red Mar MAc Classic 112C
Spartan x Ruby 24Y
sold to Rooke Farm

Red Mar MAc Ruby 39B
Red VGW Game Plan x Ruby 10T
sold to Blair’s.Ag

Red Mar MAc Bonita 51B
High Seller in 2015 New generation Female sale
Ribeye 346U x Bonita 65X
sold to Dale McKay  



Red Mar MAc Ruby 8B
Beiber Rough Rider x Ruby 10T granddaughter
sold to Fraser Farms


Red Mar MAc Ruby 181B
Ribeye 346U x Ruby 10T
sold to Wraz Red Angus



Red Mar MAc Fran 4C
Beiber Hard Drive x 17S granddaughter  
sold to on the Mark Red Angus


Red Mar MAc Kuruba 44C
Prowler daughter
sold to Brylor Ranch.



Red Mar MAc Princess 14C
Spartan X Princess 11S
sold to RavenBrook Farms


Red Mar MAc Delegate 72D
Neptune x Fran 47A
Sold to Deresta Farm



Red Mar MAc Zepplin 30D
Zepplin 30D x Fanny 7B
Sold to Flying K Ranch


Red Mar MAc Debut 70D
Zepplin 30D x Ruby 10T
sold to Shiloh Farms



Red Mar MAc Trade Secret 28D
Capacity x Siera 82Y
Sold to Lonestone Farm

Red Mar MAc new Edition 29E

Capacity x 14A
Sold to Dersta Farms



Red Mar Mac Secret 79E

Capacity x 82Y
Sold to Routledge Stock Farm





Mar MAc Cedar Ridge 29B
Cedar Ridge x 2Y
sold to Midnight Oil Cattle Co.



Mar MAc Blueprint 56B
Lt Driven X Tiger Lily 25Y
Sold To blair'

Mar MAc Resource 130C
SAV Resource x Brandi 9T
sold to Joe Bouchard



Mar MAc Bm South dakota 21C
South Dakota x Sarah 17P
Sold to Kembar Farms

MAR MAC BM Tradition 77C
sold to LCL ANGUS



Ten Speed X Brandi 9T 
sold to H & T Enterprises


MAR MAC Diversity 27D
Tiger 5T X Bridget 125T
sold to Troy Reynolds



sold to Hawkeye Ranching


Mar MAc Extra 28E
Insight x 75Y
Sold to C+T Reynolds



Mar MAc Engineer 17E
Insight x 33U
Sold to Rolling Lane Farms





Mar MAc GR Deadwood 66B
Tombstone x 141W
sold to Gillis Farms



Mar MAc Navigator 126B
Tombstone x 141W
sold to Scott Brothers

Mar MAc Revolution 127C
Marksman  x 76Z
to Gordon Delichte



Mar MAc Sorority Girl 133B
Tombstone x 112W
sold to Circle G Simmentals


Mar MAc Carlc 305B
tombstone x Carli 14N
sold to Maxwell Simmentals



Mar MAc Ms Rockfort 130B
Tombstone daughter
sold to
Deeg Simmentals

Mar Mac gr red macho 111B
Tombstone x Macho 199X
sold to Goudy Simmentals



Mar mac Carli 85B
Tombstone x Carli 14N
sold to Quinn Wilson


Mar MAc Crest 91C
Marksman daughter
sold to Blair's.Ag



Mar MAc Gypsy soul 126C
Upgrade x Sierra 53S
sold to North Hill Simmentals


Mar MAc Southern Belle
TOmbstone X 112W
sold to Schweitzer Simmentals



Mar MAc Dallas 68D
Johnny Cash X SLF swan Lake 7X
sold to William Seymour


Mar MAc Dalton 110D
Johnny Cash X Deb 213A
sold to Todd Simmentals


Mar MAc Utah's Whiskey 52E
BOotlegger x 79U
sold to WLB Livestock

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